Family Law

Whether you are dealing with a divorce, custody issues, child or spousal support or an adoption, choosing a lawyer who you can trust that will support and guide you through the difficult legal process is paramount.  Even for people who do not expect to have a disputed case, an experienced family law attorney can lead you through the court system, review your proposed agreements and draft all of your documents with an experienced and critical eye.  By hiring a skilled attorney, many clients can save themselves additional time, expense and frustration by helping them to avoid unnecessary court appearances and handling issues that are often overlooked initially.


Estate Planning

Proper end-of-life planning can be essential to enable not just a transfer of assets that is simple and hassle free, but also to ensure that the money you carefully save benefits your loved ones as you originally intended.  Recent changes in the law have greatly streamlined the planning necessary to move assets upon death to our beneficiaries, and many of those with more dated wills are surprised to find that their intricate estate planning binders are over complicated and out of date.  A skilled estate-planning attorney will help you navigate this new legal landscape and manage your portfolio of assets, whether big or small.      

Experience You Can Trust

SSJM has an extensive network of highly experienced attorneys at our disposal. 

SSJM is a full-service law firm based in The Overlook at Gaines Ranch, perched above the beautiful Barton Creek valley.  The firm has carefully brought together a team of attorneys who focus their practices on varying areas of law.  It also has offices in Dallas, Texas and Boulder, Colorado.  The firm handles a broad range of legal matters throughout Texas.